Cognitive and user-centric networking -- Computational Systems -- Data Mining and Statistics -- Knowledge Transfer






Miguel Tavares, B.Eng.

He was a junior seresearcher of COPELABS, SITI (2016-2018)


  Samrat Samrat Dattagupta, B.Eng.
He was a junior seresearcher of COPELABS, SITI (2016-2018)

Omar Aponte, B. Eng.

He was a junior researcher of COPELABS, SITI (2016 -2018).



Pedro Gamito, PhD.

He was a Senior Researcher and vice-Director of COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017), where he is the Senior Researcher responsible for the thematic line of Cyberpsychology. Since 2004 he has developed, applied and clinically validate over than 20 virtual reality applications designed to treat anxiety disorders and to rehabilitate cognitive deficits.


Jorge Oliveira, PhD 

He was a Senior Researcher (2014-2017) and vice-director of COPELABS (2014-2016) and the coordinator of CTIP. His research interests currently relate to cognitive neuropsychology, psychophysiology and virtual reality applications in the context of mental health and neurocognitive rehabilitation.
Rodrigo Brito, PhD
He was a senior researcher at COPELABS, CTIP  (2013-2017). His research interests relate to the socio-cognitive and motivational processes involved in interpersonal, group, and intergroup relations. In his most recent research, he has focused on the processes of production of strong social bonds (communion, intimacy, sharing).




Mauro Bianchi, PhD

He was a senior researcher at COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017). His research focuses on intergroup relations and stereotyping. Currently he is interested in the automatic activation of social knowledge and its consequences for intergroup behavior (e.g., approach/avoidance motor responses towards members of social groups). 




Barbara Gonzalez, PhD 

She was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2013 - 2017). She is a certificated trainer in these fields and has been doing research in personality, health behaviours and pain.



Ana Loureiro, PhD

She was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017). Her research interests are the study of cognitive processes concerning how people perceive natural and urban environments; how social. 



Paulo Lopes, PhD

He was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017). He has a personal focus on psychometric work to produce, adapt, and assess psychological and neuropsychological tests with traditional and Rasch model analysis.



Pedro Rosa, PhD  

He was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017). He is part of the Grupo Internacional de Investigación Neuro-Conductua His current research interests include the study of attentional and emotional processes to visual and auditory stimuli through eye tracking and psychophysiological recording. He is the mentor of the International Conference on Eye Tracking, Visual Cognition, and Emotion, in Portugal, and the founder of the First Meeting of Cognitive Oculometry, in Portugal, in 2015.





Inês Jongenelen, PhD


She was a Researcher at CTIP, COPELABS (2016-2017), in which she was a vice-Diretor. Her major research interests are: attachment in Infancy and adolescence, risk and resilience, parenting in risk samples (e. adolescent mothers, victims of intimate partner violence), physiological predictors of adaptation. 



Paulo Sargento, PhD

Paulo Sargento was a researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2013-2017). His research interests: Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology and Sleep Research.

Beatriz Rosa, PhD

She was a Researcher at CTIP, COPELABS (2013-2017). Her primary research interests are the effects of aging on cognitive functioning and cognitive stimulation
  Fátima Gameiro, PhD
She was a Researcher at CTIP, COPELABS (2013-2017).Her primary research interests are evaluation, stimulation and rehabilitation of cognitive and executive functions in eating behavior. She is currently focusing her researcher on assessment of cognitive functioning and stimulating cognitive functions of obese subjects using virtual reality



Ricardo Pinto, PhD.  

He was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2016-2017). His main research interests have been in childhood adversity, trauma and domestic violence.

Diogo Lamela, PhD 

He was a Researcher in COPELABS, CTIP (2016-2017)




Ana Bárbara Vicente Nazaré, PhD

She was a Researcher, CTIP, at COPELABS (2016 - 2017) 

Ana da  Nazaré Prioste, PhD

She was a Researcher, CTIP, at COPELABS (2016 -2017)


  Diogo Morais, MSc.
He was a Junior Researcher at CIPT, COPELABS (2013-2017). His research interests range from Advertising in Videogames and Virtual Reality (using eye tracking), Statistics and Political Psychology (effect of Political sophistication and emotions in the vote). He is the deputy director of the Laboratory of Computing Psychology at ULHT and a Junior Researcher at COPE Labs.

Valentina Chitas, PhD

She was an invited Researcher at CTIP, COPELABS (2013-2016). Her  interests will be in the domain of  social-cognitive, emotional  and contextual factors related to health behaviors; Determinants of accession to  treatment  programs for drug  addiction.

Rita Conde Dias, PhD

She was an invited researcher at CTIP, COPELABS (2016-2017). Her current research interests: violence and victimization in the prison setting, juvenile delinquency and crime, violence, divorce and co-parenting.  


Raquel Sofia Antunes Pires, PhD


She was an invited researcher of COPELABS, CTIP (2016-2017). Her current research interests: Clinical and Health Psychology, sexual and reproductive health, chronic health conditions, with particular interest in understanding the factors and processes that explain sexual and contraceptive behaviors, reproductive decisions, sexual and relational satisfaction, and socioemotional adjustment in health/disease.

Tatiana Homem 

She was an invited researcher at COPELABS, CTIP (2016-2017).

 Seweryn foto.jpg

Seweryn Dynerowicz, PhD.

SITI, Researcher in social-aware opportunistic routing and Named-Data Network (2016-2017).

 JoseSoares foto

José Soares, B.Eng

SITI, Junior Researcher. Participation in the project Ddicas  (6 months in 2017)


Saeik Firdose, MSc.


SITI, Junior researcher and NEMPS PhD (2014 - 2016).




Luis Lopes, MSc.

SITI, Junior researcher in optimal resource management, sensing fusion (2012-2016)



Waldir Moreira Jr, PhD

SITI, PhD student (2010-2013); researcher in opportunistic communications (2010-2016)




Cristina Camilo, PhD 

CTIP, Senior Researcher in Emotions and Health Risk Perception (2013-2016)


 GBarokar foto



Gaurav Barokar, MSc

SITI, PhD student NEMPS, junior researcher in opportunistic communications (2016)



Ines Oliveira, PhD

SITI, senior researcher in multimedia (2010-2016)




Pallavali Radha Krishna Reddy, MSc

SITI, PhD NEMPS student , junior researcher: opportunistic communications (2015-2016)




Ramakanta Routray, MSc

SITI, junior researcher: opportunistic communications (2016)


 RMacedo foto

Ruben Macedo

ULHT BSc student of Video Games and Multimedia Apps (2014) and junior researcher(2015)



Pedro Freire, MSc

SITI, PhD NEMPS student , junior researcher. Main interest areas: Information Extraction, Computer Security, Web Applications (2012 - 2015)


Namusale Chama, PhD


SITI, junior researcher/PhD NEMPS student: user-centric routing (2010-2014)


Antonio Junior, PhD

SITI,junior researcher/PhD NEMPS student: user-centric routing (2010-2014)

Jonnahtan Saltarin, MSc

SITI, ITS, mobility management (2012-2013)

Bruno Batista, MSc

SITI, ICN (2010-2012)

Christian Pereira, MSc

SITI, user-centric networking (2012)

Andrea Nascimento, MSc

SITI, mobility management (2010-2013)

Tiago Simas, PhD

SITI, user recommendation systems (2011)

Arlen Nascimento, MSc

SITI, user-centric networking (2010)


Marko Beko, PhD

SITI (2011)


João Canto, PhD

SITI (2011)


Abd Albasset Almamou, PhD

SITI , researcher, SON (2012)



Macaba Pedro, BEng

ULHT MSc Student (2010-2012)



Pedro Nicolau, BEng

ULHT MSc Student (2010-2012)



Ricardo Barbosa, BEng

ULHT MSc student (2010-2012)



Nelson Morais, BEng

ULHT MSc student (2010-2012)


Manuel de Souza, BEng

SITI, Visiting Student (2011, Germany) 






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